Top 5 Reasons to Consider a Private Treaty Campaign

Tuesday 28 Apr 2020

It is really important for sellers to understand the options available to them when selling a property, not only so they can make a fully informed decision but also so they can choose the methodology they are most comfortable with. It’s a big decision to sell your home so you need to comfortable with your with the approach and the one that will yield you the best outcome for you!

In this blog I wanted to share the top 5 reasons you should to consider Private Treaty as a sales methodology.

1. You market the property with a price

This makes it easy for buyers as they don’t need to guess how much an owner is wanting for their property. Also most buyers have a budget when purchasing and can quickly determine if they are in the ball park and therefore a chance of securing your property.

2. Tried and Tested Technique

This approach is a common form of marketing particularly in Queensland and most sellers are familiar with the approach. A price is set - we market the property - get buyers through - and negotiate one on one with those that are interested.

3. Greater Flexibility

During the campaign the price can be adjusted if required based on qualified buyer feedback, change in local market conditions or to address the frequency of buyer enquiry or open home attendance

4. Time to Negotiate

As the vendor you have more time to make a decision and negotiate the price and terms and conditions of the sale.  As there is less emotion decisions can be made more thoughtfully.

5. Privacy

Offers the opportunity for private negotiation of the price between the vendor, buyer and the agent, and enables the vendor to withhold sensitive information such as the sale price from the public.


Always putting you first.

Team First National Broadbeach

written by Paul Arnell - Principal