Paul Arnell

Authorised Principal

Principal / LREA / BCom / CPA

As a CPA with a Bachelor’s degree in commerce, Paul honed his skills as a negotiator and project manager overseeing billion dollar contracts. Working for a Multi-national mining company for over 15 years Paul refined and elevated his ability to plan, execute and deliver results with precision.

“The difference between a good result and a great result is attention to detail” This personal philosophy has underpinned Paul’s professional reputation as an individual that produces outcomes of the highest standard.

Paul’s endearing country boy qualities can be attributed to growing up in a small town in Far North Queensland with 3 older siblings and a large extended family. This has instilled strong family values and whilst Paul has a laid back approach to life it is underpinned by hard work and determination. Outside of real estate and his wife and 2 kids, Paul is also passionate about horse ownership, golf, reading and playing guitar.